Peter Thomas

Distinguished Engineer, Intuit

Peter Thomas is a Distinguished Engineer at Intuit and the creator of the "Karate" test-automation framework. An avid open-source enthusiast, Peter's first open-source project “CB2XML” was created on SourceForge way back in 2004 and incredibly still sees active releases by the current maintainers. A regular on the tech-conference circuit, Peter has appeared at the Ministry of Testing Dallas, DevConf.IN, GIDS, Test Talks, Test Automation Guild, GraphQL Asia and Selenium Conf Tokyo. Peter also appears in the TechBeacon list of Test Automation Leaders to follow in 2019.

My Sessions

Tues, September 22

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Karate - Full-Stack Test-Automation Re-Imagined

Karate is the only open-source tool to combine API test-automation, mocks, performance-testing and even UI automation into a single, unified framework. Powerful JSON & XML assertions are built-in, and you can run tests in parallel for speed.

Just over 3 years old, Karate's success is evident in how regularly it turns up in blog-posts, social-media mentions, job-listings and even in tech-conferences world-wide. In 2019, it debuted in the reputed ThoughtWorks Tech Radar, and a year later, it leveled-up (May 2020) - which has led to even more adoption.


Hear about the motivations for creating this framework in the first place and how it differs from the competition. Along with live demos and Q&A, you will get a sense of how Karate can help your teams - and how it can fit into your integration testing strategy.

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