Kelly Tabler

Principal Consultant, improving

Kelly comes from a wide variety of application development technologies ranging from embedded video processing to network quality testing to custom web applications. This diversity of experience has led her to a love of finding practical solutions and just plain "getting it done", with a focus on technical team leadership and DevOps practice implementation. As a member of the Improving Atlanta team for over 8 years, Kelly regularly helps clients understand process including Scrum and DevOps and the tools to implement both. Originally hailing from Northern Virginia, Kelly moved to Atlanta 19 years ago for her computer science degree and hasn't left since. Ask her about Georgia Tech football, terrible gardening, and funny cat videos.

My Sessions

Fri, September 25

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Usability and Empathy: Writing ADA Compliant Code

Web accessibility is on everyone’s mind and provides us a unique opportunity to do work that can have a big impact on people’s lives. Compliance with ADA (and section 508) standards impacts applications at every level from design through implementation, but it shouldn’t be intimidating – let me help you! We'll cover the ADA principles and how they apply to design and implementation. Plus, walk a mile in the shoes of your potential users with some tools that emulate various impairments to really show you why compliant design is important.


  • Why good usability goes hand-in-hand with accessibility

  • Why good code goes hand-in-hand with accessibility

  • Dos and Don’ts for compliant design

  • Common tools you can use to check out your sites (aka making your device talk to you)

  • Quick and easy implementation tips for updating your source

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