Jennifer Bonine

Jennifer Bonine is the CEO of PinkPowered Innovations, Inc., and was the first female Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) platform CEO. She has been a co-founder of 4 different startups including an exit to a top tech company, venture-backed funding, and acceptance to a top 10 Accelerator/Incubator experience. She has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, HBO, Disney, Riot Games, and Epic Games. PinkPowered specializes in technology solutions that are secure, provide interoperable data, and have been validated for data privacy and security. The goal is to leverage an intelligent platform to recommend actions and changes in your business. They create “virtual research assistants” in your company to be your AI platform for engagement with intelligent decision-making capabilities for competitive advantage. The company is leveraging a groundbreaking business model, empowering diversity of thought, that is fully engaged in the sustainable development goals (“SDGs”) cultivated by the United Nations.

Respected as a gifted speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Jennifer Bonine addresses the AI industry nationally and internationally, most recently at the World Economic Forum in Davos and for CNNMoney Switzerland. She has held executive-level positions leading teams for Oracle and Target and is a founding board member of the United States Expo EDU Committee. Jennifer is a 2020 Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business honoree, a founding sponsor and member of IVOW AI's Women in History Data Ideation Challenge, and an Executive Board Member of Chad Greenway’s Lead the Way foundation. Council Member of the Digital Economist. Member of the Women’s Leadership Council. She is a member of Million Dollar Women, Executive Board Member of TeamWomen, and is a council member of DreamTank, an organization designed to champion young entrepreneurs. Recently named one of the Top 30 Leaders to Watch in 2020 by Silicon Review, Jennifer Bonine was featured at the UN’s AI for Good summit. Jennifer is also developing a series of books to educate children about the power of AI and machine learning.

My Sessions

Wed, September 22

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Tech, Gaming, and the Metaverse

The Metaverse, the digital replication of experiences in created worlds outside of our physical world. What does that mean?

We will be Exploring the difference between the tech-mania/buzz and what experiences should remain as “real” human interactions in our actual physical world. We are on the dawn of a new everything. Let’s explore what it means to be human at a moment of unprecedented technological possibility.

We will discuss a perspective on how the brain and body connect to the world

Look to understand the new landscape from both scientific and cultural experiment perspectives. Companies are experimenting with our data, buying patterns, and embedding gamification into all verticals in our world.

Let’s examine how gaming and gamification will start to permeate our social life, work, buying habits, consumer goods, and entertainment.

We are in an exciting, unprecedented and fast-paced rate of technological advancement. Let’s discuss it together!

Fri, September 23

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Testing with AI Panel (Panelist)

For most of us, the evolution of IT started with the invention of the PC and internet. The next major innovation came with the advent of smartphones. Today we are engulfed with IoT and AI solutions everywhere you turn. AI and ML technologies are being used in platforms for digital assistants, home entertainment, medical diagnosis, customer support, and autonomous vehicles. Testers are recognizing the potential for advances in AI and ML to be leveraged for automated testing. But where do we get started? In some cases the term AI is overused - so what is defined as true AI vs. "something else"? Join us for this 90-minute interactive panel to explore these questions and more.


  • Learn how AI is currently being leveraged for testing today

  • Where to get started with using AI in your testing organization

  • What are the challenges and limitations of testing with AI?

  • How will AI impact the entire IT industry?