Jagmit Singh

Senior QA Automation Engineer, Innovapost

Jagmit Singh has more than ten years of experience in QA, Release Engineering and Software Development. He has extensive experience in both mobile and web automation using Selenium, Appium, Espresso, Robot Framework, Katalon Studio, Java and Python. He is currently working as Senior Automation Engineer at Innovapost, which is IT subsidiary of Canada Post. His work involves acting as an Automation Consultant to advise other teams in implementing automation strategy and best practices. When he’s not working on automation, Jagmit enjoys playing racket sports, hiking, and skiing.

My Sessions

Thu, September 24

5:15 pm - 6:15 pm

Simplify Android App Automation using Katalon

In this talk, Jagmit will explain with a demo as why and how to use Katalon Studio for Android App Automation. Katalon Studio is all-in-one automation platform with a specialized IDE interface is built on top of the open-source automation frameworks - Selenium, Appium. Frequently the manual testers with little to no programming skills struggle to get started with Automation and these challenges gets more elevated for Native App Automation. Katalon Studio comes with cool features e.g. pre-built framework/keywords, integrations, and object repository. Because of these Katalon Studio’s user-friendly features, manual tester can easily transition to automation tester role. In our team we have experimented this seamless transition for Android App Automation and will like to share those experiences.


  • Challenges in Custom Automation Framework for Android App Automation and how Katalon Studio can overcome those challenges

  • How manual testers with little to no programming skills can also contribute towards test automation using Katalon Studio

  • Attractive and user-friendly features in Katalon Studio e.g pre-built keywords and integrations, Spy Mobile and Object Repository

  • How to accelerate test automation with Katalon Studio

  • Some of the Katalon Studio's shortcomings

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