Claudio Lassala

Technical Director, improving

Claudio is a Technical Director at Improving Houston. He has been developing software since the late 90’s (FoxPro, .NET, Ruby on Rails). When not building software, consulting with clients, doing presentations, delivering training, or hanging out with his family, he can probably be found working on his music or riding his motorcycle. Check out his blog at

My Sessions

Wed, September 23

5:15 pm - 6:15 pm

Testing in Agile: from Afterthought to an Integral Part

Testing cannot be an afterthought; it has to be an integral part of software development. Is it something that QA teams do? Or is it part of a developer’s duties? Do business analysts and product owners play any role in it? What is test automation? Unit test, Integration test, Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development… what do those mean?!

This session addresses all of those questions, as we talk through the importance of tests, the collaboration among team members, the techniques, and practices around different kinds of automated testing.


  • Better Understanding of the differences between Unit/Integration tests, TDD, BDD

  • Better collaboration among team members

  • Better collaboration between technical and non-technical people

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