Allen Moore

Principal Consultant, improving

Allen is Principal Consultant with Improving. He is a passionate Agile Quality Assurance Technical Coaching and Test Automation Engineer. He has 25 years of experience providing leadership and technology solutions in a variety of organizations across multiple industries. He loves cultivating quality through mentoring and training and has designed and implemented a number of test automation frameworks for all levels of testing. His wife says he's a "scruffy looking nerf herder," especially now with his quarantine hairdo.

My Sessions

Thu, September 24

3:15 - 4:15 pm

These Are Not The Tests You Are Looking For

Are you using test automation on your Agile team(s)? You should be! If you are, are you successful? Are you getting value out of your tests? Have you given up on automation because... well, here are a few of the reasons I've heard over the years:

  • "I have a product owner who refuses to let the team do automation because it will slow down their velocity."

  • "Nobody really pays attention to the test suite because it always has failing tests..."

  • "QA keeps blowing up our story points because they say it takes so much work to update the regression suite when we change the database or the UI."

  • "I hate it when our test suite fails because it takes hours to figure out exactly what failed and why."

  • And now with more people moving to DevOps...
    "Should we include the regression suite in the delivery pipeline? Because our tests take too long to run and we don't want to slow down delivery to the lower environments."

Any of these sound familiar? Allen will share some strategies that he has found to be successful at squeezing every last bit of value out of your test automation strategy. Some of them are technical and some of them are related to process and culture.

If you have a bad feeling about your test suites or feel like you are having to force your teams to pay attention to them, then maybe those tests are not the tests you're looking for.

I may not be your only hope. But maybe I can help give you some ideas (apologies to Mr. Lucas).

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